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  16. Ethiopia: Why Citizens Are Losing Faith in Abiy's Promises for Peace

  17. Africa: AfDB, Investors Discuss $67bn Investments for Africa

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  19. Mozambique: Transport Operators Complain of Heavy Losses

  20. Mozambique: Mozambican PM Urges South African Companies to Invest

  21. Zimbabwe: First Lady Dragged Into Buyanga's Case

  22. Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa to Axe Bigwigs

  23. Zimbabwe: War Vets Bread Initiative Ridiculed

  24. Zimbabwe: Nurses Saga - Govt Accused of Tribalism

  25. Angola: João Lourenço Visits Vatican

  26. Namibia: Elephants Continue to Cause Destruction

  27. Zimbabwe: Inflation Out of Control - Guvamatanga

  28. Zimbabwe: Govt Draws Fire Over Currency

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  30. Mozambique: Another Truck Attacked in Gondola